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Welcome to the 12th Annual Big Apple Feis & Fleadh
2021 Feis Date
Saturday, March 27, 2021  (Prelim, Adult, and Open Championships)
Sunday, March 28, 2021 (Grades & Fleadh (Music)
Venue Change - Sheraton International Crossroads, Mahwah, NJ
Updates Below:

emails sent to all...of course there are invalid emails bouncing back already Thank you for your patience through the last couple weeks. Getting 2020 registrations transferred, new dancers registered and going through 380 dancers on the wait list. There are many restrictions that are still in effect that we must follow ONLY 1 SUPPORT PERSON PER DANCER ALLOWED IN THE VENUE. PLEASE DO NOT BRING SIBLINGS. IF THEY ARE DANCERS, AND COMPETING AT DIFFERENT TIMES, YOU WILL BE ALLOWED ENTRY TO THE VENUE, BUT ONLY 1 PERSON WILL BE PERMITTED IN THE BALLROOM WITH THE COMPETITOR NO EXCEPTIONS Covid RELEASE FORM Covid release form..everyone who is entering the venue, dancer and adult must have with them, the covid release form. You need to fill it out online and once completed, your responses are emailed back to you automatically (make sure you type in your email address correctly and check spam) Use the following link if you have not already done so from our website or facebook page. Please only submit 1 time for each attendee, whether dancer or support person. tinyurl.com/2021BAFCovidReleases PARKING and ENTRY You will need to park in the front of the hotel. Parking here is free and the only entrance that we will be using. The back parking garage has a fee and you will not be allowed to enter through the back doors, you will have to walk around to the front of the building for entry. We will be moving dancers into ballrooms as a group so please do not arrive anymore than 1/2 hour before your not before time. Once your ballroom is ready the entire group will enter, compete and move to a 'waiting' area as a group for awards. We are asking for everyone's patience and assistance as this is a first for us and I am sure for each and everyone attending. FOOD AND DRINKS There is no food service available at the venue. They are offering a grab and go breakfast, but that is all. Please bring snacks and drinks with you for the day. ADDING COMPS There will be NO COMP additions on feis day. NO MONEY will be transferring hands on feis day. If you were added (wait List) after feis close (monday evening) you may not be on the paperwork that was generated. The addition will be on your dancer card and you will need to show to the stage manager so they can add you to the rotation. Be sure to print your dancer card from your FEISWEB account prior to coming, as there will be NO CARDS at the feis. Please print or bring the stage schedules with you as NO PRINT OUTS will be available. They are attached to this email and can be found on the website and Facebook page. DANCING, MASKS, AND STAGES Every competition will be dancing only 2 at a time. The stages will be split down the center and each dancer will have their own section to perform in. Dancers can remove their masks to compete, but must be wearing a mask for ballroom entry and while waiting. Please be sure they have something to place their mask in, ex. small bag or something and they can leave it side stage, or with their support person. MASKS AND SOCIAL DISTANCING Everyone must wear a mask in the venue, NO EXCEPTIONS. Please be sure to keep social distance within the venue. VENDORS Please be sure to visit our vendors for your irish dance needs. I know we are not allowing early access but unfortunately for this event to take place we must all follow the rules in place. They will be there ALL DAY so you can visit, after your comps. Fay's Shoes, Head to the World, danceBling, and Fine Designs will be there for the weekend. There are some sanitizing stations that will be around the venue. Bring your own, if that makes you feel more comfortable. I am sure that i am missing something in this wordy email, but hopefully i answered as many things. We will be away from computers and phones beginning about 3 pm on Friday on way to venue for setup. Please keep that in mind. Many questions were already answered on the FB page, please check out the many posts there.



3/21 10:00 PM

All unpaid entries were deleted today at 6pm

Wait List is still active but closing for additions at this time

Feis entries close on 3/22 in the evening

Schedules will be posted on 3/23 in the evening!

3/21 Updated 11:00 am

Reminder! All unpaid entries will be deleted today at 6pm

Email reminders have been sent out

Feis entries close on 3/22

Schedules will be posted on 3/23 in the evening!

3/13 Updated  1 pm

Feisweb is now open for entry. If you competition is closed, you can sign up on the wait list on you website on syllabus tab.

3/11 Updated:  11:30 pm

3/11 11:33 pm

Waitlist is currently closed until we can go through every entry (over 350) Many have already received emails about their entries

i am hoping for feisweb to open to everyone at sometime on Friday, 3/12. Many competitions are capped already. but you can register if you are not selecting a capped competition

3/10 Updated:  9:45 pm

Reminder! If you received an email that your entry was transferred to 2021 entry. Please log into your feisweb account to validate and make any necessary level changes or dance changes, if applicable.


This needs to be complete by Friday so that we can begin the wait list process for Champ level competitions.

3/9 Updated  9:30 pm

We have been getting emails about errors on Feisweb when trying to change dancer comps.......please send us an email with all the new changes to be done along with dancer name and we can correct it.

3/9 Update 9:00 pm

Please be sure to read all below updates: there is a tremendous amount of information below with regards to entire weekend

3/9 9:00 PM

All paid 2020 entries have been transferred to 2021 database. Email has been sent to all emails from entry on 2020. We are already receiving bounce backs for invalid emails. If you have a paid entry from 2020, you have until friday, March 12 to update your dancer information and make any dance level changes, dance or set changes, or additions. After Friday, the waitlist will begin to be addressed. you will be notified as I work through the waitlist. Please have patience as there is a lot of tedious tallying that needs to be completed.

3/8 Updated: 11:45 am

Wait list has been open and dancers have been added. If you filled out wait list WE WILL NOT KNOW UNTIL ALL OF 2020 HAS BEEN REVIEWED if you have made the cut. Please do not email us asking if your dancer is in.....we have a tremendous amount of work to do and once we start working on the waitlist, you will be notified.

3/8 Updated:  7AM    Syllabus has been added to Syllabus Tab.  Wait List Opening at 9:00 AM

3/7 Updated: Online wait list will be posted on Monday at 9:00am. We are still waiting on transferred data from 2020 and then figure out caps per competition.    there will be a link to an online form. Please be sure to fill it out accurately.

3/5 Updated: FAQs about the 2021 Feis:


Dates: Saturday, March 27 & Sunday, March 28


Prelim, Open and All Adult Competitions take place on Saturday


All Grades and Music take place on Sunday


Covid Protocols will be strictly enforced. Only 1 person can accompany their dancer. There will be NO CAMPING under any circumstances anywhere in the hotel. Masks must be worn at all times. Release forms will be emailed to all registered dancers and must be completed for each dancer in your family and must be presented upon entry.


Competitions will be strictly run with only the dancers and their 1 guardian allowed in the ballroom. More details on this and scheduling will be sent out in the couple days prior to feis.


FeisWeb/Entries: We will be having all entries from the 2020 Feis transferred to the 2021 Feis. This process is not complete yet. Once complete, all entries will be notified via their Feisweb email address.....if that is no longer a valid email, be sure to update your feisweb account. You will then be able to change your dances etc. this may incur additional fees, if moved up a level.

Once the data has been transferred and we check the caps in each competition, we may be able to open to additional entries. We will begin a waitlist and take entries from the waitlist in the order in which they were received. (We will have an online waitlist form to fill out soon)


Schedules: will not be ready until 3/25. they will be emailed to all dancers and posted to our FB page and website.


Venue: NO ONE will be allowed into the venue until 15 - 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of their competition.

NO EXCEPTIONS Entry will only be allowed from the front parking area into the venue. You will not be able to enter from the parking garage area. There is free parking available in the front of the hotel. In the back there is a parking garage, but there is an $8.00 a day charge per car. More details will be sent out about this along with schedules. There is a room block available....$115 to $125 per room per night. See our website for Hotel Link.


This post will be updated as needed.

emails should be sent to BigAppleFeis2021@gmail.com, if you have any questions that are not already answered above.

Updated 3/2/2021


We are happy to announce that we are planning (again) to hold the Big Apple Feis & Fleadh on Saturday March 27th and Sunday March 28th, 2021. “NEW VENUE” We have secured a very large venue, outside the city for the safety of all involved. Sheraton International Crossroads, Mahwah NJ. As we mentioned last year, anyone who entered last year will have their entry carry over into this year’s Feis & Fleadh. If you had an entry in the 2020 Big Apple Feis, please stay tuned for an email with full details on the process for your 2021 entry. As we navigate through our entry list, there will be additional spaces that will open up for new registrations. Our Feis & Fleadh will re-post on www.feisweb.com in the next few days.

Fingers & feet crossed

****The 2021 Big Apple Feis & Fleadh will adhere to any Covid regulations in place at the time of our Feis & Fleadh****

2020 made all of us stronger and more resilient than perhaps any of us ever imagined. Prayers that 2021 is going to be the most wonderful and prosperous year for all. Believe it. God Bless dancers, musicians, colleagues, family and friends near and far. Find something good in each day and celebrate our life Blessings. 

For any questions or concerns, please reach out to the Feis email at BigAppleFeis2021@gmail.com